Beef Up the Food Banks

Nova Scotia Federation of Agriculture launched a new program in Antigonish on Friday, March 12th known as “Beef up the Food Banks”.  Frazer Hunter, 1st Vice-President of the Federation was on hand for the first donation of ground beef to the Metro Food Bank Society which serves all of Nova Scotia. “I am so pleased that we have been able to get a program up and running”, states Mr. Hunter, a dairy farmer from Merigomish, “With such a large number of surplus cattle on Nova Scotia farms this winter it makes sense that we try to provide some of this high quality protein to our neighbours who, by necessity, must use the services of their local Food Bank.”

The Antigonish Federation of Agriculture teamed up with Mattie Farms Ltd. in Afton and Vacheresse Meats of Antigonish to butcher and process two cows for donation to the Food Bank. The beef was turned over to Metro Food Bank representatives, Paul Eyking, Director of Food Supply and Brian Kelly, Driver for distribution to food banks around the province. “We are particularly pleased to receive this donation of beef at a time of year when Food Bank usage is at a high point”, states Mr. Eyking. “We would certainly encourage other Federations to come on board and join this program – Food Bank clients really need the beef!”

Also present for the program launch was William Cox, President of the Inverness – Victoria Federation of Agriculture. This regional Federation presented a cheque for $1,000 to assist with the processing of additional animals for donation to the Food Bank.

Next in line to make a donation of beef through this program is the Hants County Federation of Agriculture who has teamed up with Classic Meat Packers of Upper Rawdon who have donated the processing service for several cows. It is expected that their beef will be ready for delivery to the Food Bank this week.

The Federation of Agriculture has been stressing the need for Nova Scotians to ensure that they continue to have access to a safe and secure food supply and this can only be accomplished in the long term through the maintenance of a strong local farm base in the province. This program is just one example of how local farmers contribute to the well-being of many Nova Scotians on a daily basis. If you are now wondering how you can become a part of the solution, the answer is simple – when you go shopping insist that you buy Nova Scotia grown meats and produce. By supporting each other we will grow a strong Nova Scotia economy – and hopefully alleviate the need for so many to rely on food banks for their daily bread.